Mary Early: Līnea Studies
April 30 - June 11, 2022

Gallery 2112 is pleased to present Mary Early’s first solo exhibition of works on paper and wood panel. Early’s work over the last two decades has come to include drawings and schematics as an essential component in the development of temporary installation and site-specific works in beeswax. These schematic drawings serve as a durable and lasting precursor to the installation process, from conception through completion.

“When preparing a drawing surface, whether on paper or wood panel, I begin with a light set of marks to create a grid – this grid provides a matrix for the placement of lines. I work in series, with the idea that an infinite number and combination of elements exist. Through drawing, I am able to plan complicated installations in advance and visualize the different possibilities offered by a single space.”

Mary Early: Līnea Studies includes a series of recent works in oil stick and sumi ink wash on paper, oil stick on wood panel, and Līnea XII, the twelfth in an ongoing series of vertical linear works begun in 2017. Līnea XII, a hanging work in beeswax, occupies the circular bay window of the gallery space, creating a louvered partition between the interior and the street.

Mary Early (born 1975, Washington, DC) lives and works in Washington, DC. She studied visual art, film, and video at Bennington College, and her work has been exhibited at the United States Botanic Garden, Washington Project for the Arts, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Second Street Gallery, Hemphill Fine Arts, Galerie Im Ersten, Kloster Schloss Salem, Kunstlerbund Tubingen, the American University Museum, and the Sun Valley Museum of Art, among other regional and national galleries. Early’s work is included in the collections of the US Department of State/Embassy of Panama and Embassy of Jordan, the District of Columbia Art Bank, the American University Museum (Corcoran Collection).

Gallery 2112 is a Washington, DC gallery specializing in 20th Century Modern Art & Design with a focus on art from the Washington DC area. Past exhibitions include Maryanne Pollock: Rebirth the Earth, Noche Christ: Fantastical Visions, and Kenneth Victor Young.

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